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Develop your unique artistic character to stand out
Coaching covers all areas of development from the creative, to your business approach, to your personal wellbeing.
We have experience of working with talented beginners to fully fledged touring artist. We have input on any career level.
Design a package that suits you. We can create a programme from our studio, to online or from your place.

Matt is the coach, that inspires artistic transformation with every client he works for. He’s devoted to staying current for the artists he trains and builds trusted partnerships with teams and institutions across the industry music. He’s affiliated with BAST, ELAM, Brainchild Festival, The Voice Kids, ViP, ListenPages as well as other pioneering professionals.

As a singer, he started at age 6 performing in Coral choirs doing world tours, and in his early 20s moved to write and recording music internationally with artists in Latin America. Now he’s devoted to nurturing the next generation of artists. Having observed the changing industry for over 20 years he reflects and applies this to a holistic coaching practice.

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Finding your signature sound is essential to making a sustainable career as an artist. Nowadays it’s impossible to compete if your voice is as untrained as the myriad of other singers. Our process starts with a free assessment call where we listen to your issues and diagnose an action plan.

Once you sign up you’ll have a coach who is dedicated to the success of your project right until your completed and fully confident. You will finish with a true essence of an artist, the foundation of an impressive sound and the knowledge of what it is to be a stand out performer.

Through a consultation, we are able to establish your less developed areas and build a regime to keep you advancing forward. Looking at how the different aspects of your voice interact with one another:

  • Power: Posture, Stamina & Breathing
  • Source: Tone, Control & Pitching 
  • Filter: Dynamics, Expression and Articulation

This will be a much wider 360° coaching service on offer than having regular singing lessons. The personalised coaching programs go far beyond just the music we are student-centred. There is no one technique or single approach that will work from a one size fits all. Being trained to have the right mindset and strategy in your career is also core to having coaching sessions with Matt.

The results after just a few vocal lessons with Matt have been extraordinary! He really helped me channel my breathing and energy to produce a more confident, more controlled vocal sound. His personalised exercise sheet was particularly helpful while I was on holiday.  Through just a few lessons, I’ve really come out of my shell vocally. I’ve also got a lot more stamina on stage after learning proper breathing technique.” – Jennings Couch (touring artist)

What Our Clients Say

  • This man puts heart and soul into helping his students. The coaching and support you’ve given my daughter Jessica I can really see has made all the difference. So once again Matt thank you, Regards Jamie

    Jess Preston
  • “I’ve felt myself sing the best most relaxed I’ve ever performed during one of Matt’s workshops.”

    Sylvan Williams
  • “I first worked with Matt when he was producing an album in Colombia back in 2015. He was looking to work with a native singer & rapper from Medellin so my manager, Tatiana, set us both up together. We ended up recording this really powerful song called Mas Para Ver. Matt was so inspired by my lyrics and our shared vision for the song that we worked on arranged a main vocal to create a chorus hook. He also demonstrated how I should open up my voice more and try to reach another level of vocal performance.

    I mainly thought of myself as a rapper before and had never seriously considered myself doing much singing. This experience of working together with a producer and vocal coach gave me the confidence to change my artistic style and start including more melody.”

  • Matt is an absolute pleasure to work with. Not only is he professional, but he’s a really cool person to hang out with. I met him by attending some networking group events and we decided to move forward and work together on my single release, Mermaid. He was involved in writing music as well as coaching me on my voice in the studio. He pays great attention to technical details – pitch, pronunciation- plus he made sure that my message and emotion for the song were delivered perfectly. Performing at his workshops really helped with this!

    Kat Kenna
  • Matt is ‘the man’ when it comes to vocal coaching and artist development! I for one have experienced working with him on many of my tracks over the past year we’ve known each other. He is smart, versatile and yet a very organic person to work with. One of my favorite things about him is that he sees the future potential of the artist. He knows how to understand that artists vision and wholeheartedly believes in the project he is working on. He is very humble and absorbent of international cultures which is great as he’s worked with me over in Dubai on my most recent project.

    His dedication and integrity reaffirms confidence in the artists even if they are facing a few bumps along the road. He is honest about his skills and has extensive qualifications which back up his more than sufficient awareness and understanding of a diverse range of music. I was extremely lucky to meet him when I did because he definitely gave me the foresight to help expand my vision and further my vocal skills. Through all this he’s become a very dear friend of mine each time we’ve worked together.


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