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A masterclass on how you stay at the peak of your music and performance
Learn how to use win-win strategies to ensure you stay at your best
It's hard being a musician especially when you feel exposed performing. Taking feedback is easier when your all on the same level.
Get 10-minute performance slots to workshop aspects of your music
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Perform your music to a vocal coach & producer in a masterclass that shows you how to stay at the peak of your music and performance. This 90-minute class enables each participant 10 mins to workshop any aspects of their writing or performance in front of a group of trusted like-minded peers. This is not an audition, quite the opposite, as it’s a neutral place to pull out aspects of your music and refine them.

At a Song Development masterclass, you are able to present any song you wish to work on. Its invaluable for the independent artists who want to learn from an industry professional and work with honest feedback on how to improve.

  • Writing & Composition
  • Stagecraft & Performance
  • Expression & Lyrics
  • Presentation & Tone
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“I’ve felt myself sing the best and most relaxed ever whilst performing at one of Matt’s workshops.” – Sylvan Williams, songwriter & producer

What Our Clients Say

  • This man puts heart and soul into helping his students. The coaching and support you’ve given my daughter Jessica I can really see has made all the difference. So once again Matt thank you, Regards Jamie

    Jess Preston
  • “I’ve felt myself sing the best most relaxed I’ve ever performed during one of Matt’s workshops.”

    Sylvan Williams
  • Great coaching from Matt , loved the zen-like warmup and group sounds we made”

    Poly Sara
  • I attended an excellent masterclass session with Matt, who delivered with the perfect combination of professionalism and entertainment. He offered a wide range of strategies which I had definitely taken away and applied to my own singing and the vocal group I lead. Matt’s passion is evident and I would love to work with him again in future.

    Emily Rek
  • Studying with Matt, it is very apparent that he is extremely diligent, detailed and dedicated to music. I attended one of his recent vocal coach masterclass sessions where I received a very beneficial overview of the service he provides and what skills I could learn. I highly recommend Matt based on his deep musical knowledge and for his professional personalised approach to Vocal Coaching and Artist Development.


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