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September 18, 2019by Matt Thorns2

This post is about an artist with the exact attitude and determination needed to be a successful artist. When we first met Wren we noticed how she had a good level of raw talent and clear work ethic in her songwriting. Little did she know that she had a far greater skill than that in her possession. Dogged Determination – to push herself through failure to the point of success.

Failure is something you have to desire… it’s a process you learn to enjoy as it inspires you with the motivation to succeed

In this blog, we look into the detail of our work journey with Wren to show you, our readers, how failure is a vital part of having a successful mindset as a music artist.

Ultimately, nobody is going to remember you for your failures when you succeed, so why are you scared of the challenge? Start counting the rejections and not the yes’s. Wren rose in the face of adversity and turned a big NO into a YES – which took her on to make one of her dreams as an artist come true.

We started working with Wren in Autumn 2018 when she was in the final rounds of auditions for The Voice Kids. She had already made it to the final 100 of 10,000 candidates and was doing well but needed that extra boost to take her to the next level and through to the competition. Primarily, she needed coaching on her vocal expression and performance technique. Obviously she wanted to gain the competitive edge in her final audition stages but the artist development journey we embarked discovered so much more than vocal technique.

Initially, our creative director and vocal coach, Matt B. Thorns, started working on improving her choice of repertoire and ability to harness and strengthen her upper vocal range. A demanding coaching schedule was put in place along with balancing a busy school life in Cheltenham with being in London for auditions and filming. The majority of her coaching was done online to keep on top of progress in time for every audition round.

After a few months, she’d made it through to the competition and was on stage performing in 2 episodes ultimately being selected by judge, Danny Jones, Lead singer of McFly. Having impressed him on her first blind TV audition – Wren was assigned to his team where she battled other competition members. She had put a huge effort into the competition rounds so far and wasn’t going down without a fight. But after the battles, she did not make it further in the competition and after a short – but life-changing experience  – she was taken away from the limelight.

However, failing and being a failure – are two opposites on the route to success!

Unfortunately, during this period her grandfather also passed away and we took a few weeks off from work to give Wren some time to process events.

During this period she had a sudden creative explosion and wrote half a dozen songs. Wren had always written her own music, having self-released her own demo to Spotify at age 13. So she decided to pick herself up from her recent loses and with some more coaching we decided to refocus on releasing her new songs in time for the televised national TV broadcast of her episodes on the Voice Kids in June.

During this next phase, we coached her on the preproduction for what would become her debut EP –  a long-held dream of hers. Part of this process involved getting her into the studio with one of our top producers, JP. This level of professional production was a completely alien process for Wren so we coached her as an artist in what to do in preparation for every aspect of finalising her tracks to a professional industry standard.

We worked with Will Reeves (credits include; Will.i.am & Donel, Connor Maynard, Ayelle) to get the Mixing and Mastering quality to the best it could in time to complete her EP’s sound for launch.

Part of the marketing strategy was designing a personalised self-release promotion with multiple artworks and different pieces of unique content. We timed the release of a track with her appearance on each episode of The Voice Kids and this saw a doubling in her audience and fan engagement on various social media profiles.

Today, Wren is at a level where she can sustain her own career. Her solo focus is developing her live show and earning a return on her career investment. After we gave her the tools and knowledge to build the foundations of her career she is now capable of developing her next platform to take her next steps. We believe that in time there is much more to come from Wren and when the time is right for her she will go on to be a truly successful independent music artist.

Even at the humble age of 15, she’s already starting to make her impact on the music industry an creating a route towards being a self-sustaining independent artist.

And if that personal achievement isn’t a mega success enough – check her video of, 164K youtube views again!

She persisted with her goals even in the face of rejection and tragedy. This is the sign of an artist who has the passion and determined to achieve deep-rooted success with their career. Other artist’s ego often gets in the way and they don’t register that failure should be part of their plan and that’s why they give up.

From adopting a clear strategy with her music she was able to succeed in growing her presence in the local area of Cheltenham with an offer to a gig at performing at John Lewis Live. Her following increased from 700 followers to 1500 and within 3 months of releasing her tracks gained over a 1000 streams on Spotify. She went from having 1 demo to having a fully produced EP in 8 months. Not to mention having been 1 in 10,000 people that year alone to make it onto one of the most challenging TV competitions in the industry. Shes got a Youtube video with 164K views putting her name very much out there.

All achieved with a strategy and grit to carry it through. You can’t have one without the other

We see failing as our maximum limit – it’s past a point we don’t like exceeding – our comfort zone. Often it feels too painful to stretch past it and keep going beyond. But past our shortfalls, is a route to success and many artists give up after only this first hurdle. Something magic happens to you as an artist once you pass this point.

You transform into a stronger version of yourself someone who’s more capable than you could ever imagine.

It’s underlooked that suffering is often part of the price of success. It’s why some of the worlds greatest artists are often from such tough backgrounds. Keep your dream alive and you can do whatever it takes to make yourself successful. Even if that means moving through different waves of failure.

The moral of this story is that Wren didn’t stop even in the face of failure.


  • Fanny Snaith

    September 27, 2019 at 10:41 pm

    Great article thanks. Matt you have been so supportive of Wren – we couldn’t have done it without you. So much work was put in by all of us but it was fun and such an amazing experience – and of course this is only the beginning!

    • Matt Thorns

      September 30, 2019 at 4:14 pm

      Thanks to all of us for making this story a success. Yes, definitely Fanny I imagine much more is to come 🙂

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