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"During my journey on The Voice Kids, it was Matt who was the best asset throughout my entire time on the show. Working with Matt on those songs made me realise my potential in the music industry, and yes I am young - but Matt saw my potential as an advantage with his fresh perceptive of the new music industry. Deciding to work with Matt has to be one of the best decision’s I ever made in my life.'

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"The results after just a few vocal lessons with Matt have been extraordinary! He really taught me how to channel my breathing and energy to produce a more confident, more controlled vocal sound. His personalised exercise sheet was particularly useful while I was on tour. Through just a few lessons, I’ve really come out of my shell vocally. I’ve also got a lot more stamina on stage after learning proper breathing technique."


Matt is an amazing person to work with, he has perfect attention to detail. All of my tracks (debut EP) I’ve worked on with him, he has always been a great motivator in my self-confidence as well as showing me how to develop variation in my voice. Each session with Matt I gain more and more knowledge on myself and music.


We ended up recording this really powerful song called Mas Para Ver. Matt was so inspired by my lyrics and our shared vision for the song, that we arranged to write a chorus hook together and took it from there. He demonstrated how I should open up my voice more and try to reach another level of vocal performance and freedom. The result is this song I can't believe I wrote.


Matt’s dedication and integrity reaffirms confidence in the artists even if they are facing a few bumps along the road. He is honest about his skills and has extensive qualifications which back up his more than sufficient awareness and understanding of a diverse range of music

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