Jennings Couch

February 5, 2018by Matt Thorns

“When I first started vocal lessons with Matt Thorns, I had trouble with understanding how to control my voice and create a consistent and effective sound. I wasn’t confident in the way I was performing and I felt like I didn’t have a true grasp on my voice. I also struggled quite a bit with breathing technique and on stage I would just wear my voice out so quickly! So I decided to try out some lessons with Matt and hope that he could iron out my problems.”

The results after just a few vocal lessons with Matt have been extraordinary! He really helped me channel my breathing and energy to produce a more confident, more controlled vocal sound. His personalised exercise sheet was particularly helpful while I was on holiday.  Through just a few lessons, I’ve really come out of my shell vocally. I’ve also got a lot more stamina on stage after learning proper breathing technique.”

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