Mohan, Manager of S.A.M.C. (artist development program)

February 6, 2018by Matt Thorns

I hired Matt to work as vocal coach and be part of our production team on my Artist’s debut 6-track E.P. Matt’s proactive approach and exemplary work ethic dispelled any reservations I may have had regarding engaging with a creative individual on a “work for hire” type basis. The creative process is, more often than not, a collaborative one and Matt’s contribution to the studio session was vital.

His ability to fulfil multiple roles in the studio at once is invaluable to any independent production team. Despite being hired primarily as a vocal coach and producer, Matt also fulfilled the role of backing vocals, lead & rhythm guitar, piano as well as comic relief with his Gandalf impressions…. If fact he still adds value to my artists as he continues to work over and above what I expected for an artist development program.

His exemplary work ethic creates an environment within the studio that lets everyone know that the work finishes when the job is done, not at a certain pre-specified time. Yet, he managed to create such a fun work environment that you really wouldn’t want to spend the time anywhere else. Looking forward to working again in the near future, thus could not recommend any higher!


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