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February 6, 2018by Matt Thorns

“It‘s always a pleasure to work when you‘re working with the best people.”

“Although I had been confidently writing music from age 10, I was apprehensive about moving to London to start my career in music, at 18. Growing up in rural Germany meant I hadn’t much experience of the music industry until my manager found Matt and his company in London. The first time I worked with Matt was for a week at a studio in Switzerland when he came in to lead my debut EP project. Matt was fulfilling numerous roles as a vocal coach, arranger and co-producer. He works tirelessly to get to the root of what the artist wants to achieve with their vocals whether it’s in the studio or for a performance. Ever since our first encounter we have continued to work together and by regularly attending his workshops he practically oversees all parts of my artistic & creative development.  He’s such an unbelievably fun person to work with, yet he always finds new ways to keep pushing me out of my comfort zone. It’s always a pleasure to work, when you’re working with the best people. I’m so grateful for having him in my life and could not recommend him anymore highly as a coach.”

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